Mother Dolphin Fights Divers Who Are Trying To Steal Calf To Sell To Aquarium

By | March 17, 2017

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dolphin being captured
Liza Carter

Recent footage of divers tearing a baby dolphin away from its mother have surfaced, and the video is disturbing. The footage comes from Taiji, Japan, and reveals dolphin hunters grabbing a baby dolphin, dragging it away from its mother. The mother tries desperately to fight against the divers in an attempt to rescue its calf. The person who is filming the video can also be heard sobbing in the background.Liza Carter is the woman taking the video. She is a volunteer for Blue Cove Days, and posted the short video which shows the dolphin fighters pulling the calf’s fins and holding on to it while forcing it against a boat and eventually trapping it in their net.

dolphin being captured
Liza Carter
“100 dolphins were stolen, some died from the process…juveniles ripped from their mothers ,this scene, the mother and child are desperately trying to stay together..Your entertainment has been stolen from the wild ..destined for marine parks and aquariums,” Carter said.

Taiji, Japan is infamous for its wide array of dolphin hunters. Taiji holds hunts every year which can see up to hundreds of dolphins trapped, taken away, or even killed. Often times the cove even turns red with blood. Most dolphins are sold to water parks or marine parks, and others are killed for the meat.

Taiji, Japan is infamous for holding the disturbing Taiji dolphin drive hunt, which takes place each year between the months of September and March. The hunt has received criticism from animal rights groups all over the world.

Taiji has a population of 3500 and is a coastal town, located in Wakayama. Each year the hunting season is used as a source of income for residents of the town.

Fishermen are legally permitted by the government to hunt 2000 dolphins every year. The dolphin hunt in Taiji has raised concerns in the media and has recently been scrutinized in the documentary The Cove, which follows Japan’s dolphin hunting practices. The movie won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2010.

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