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2 Amazing Horse Breeds That Are Made For The Cold

It’s hard to imagine one of our pampered barn horses, in their thick waterproof blankets and hoods, standing outside in subzero temperatures. And it would probably be hard for them to imagine too! After all, our Throughbreds, Quarter Horses, Saddlebreds, and definitely Arabians, were not developed for cold climates. But some horses were. The Icelandic… Read More »

When You’re Surrounded by a Herd of Wild Icelandic Horses

This videographer experienced a once-in-a-lifetime moment when he was surrounded by a herd of wild Icelandic horses. Imagine this: You’re standing in a field while on vacation, enjoying the beautiful scenery that Iceland offers. You notice a herd of wild Icelandic horses off in the distance, and decide to wait and watch them for a… Read More »

Retired Police Horse Will Continue To Help People

It was a big day for Cowboy the horse when he retired from being the LAPD’s mounted platoon after 18 years. Cowboy, a 21-year-old horse who joined the force back when he was 3, was a very special horse often chosen to work with the new recruits. “You need good horses, which you call a school horse,… Read More »

Therapy Horse Helps A Shy Boy Start Speaking

It’s been proven that forming a special bond with an animal can help a person suffering from a disability. We’ve seen this happen on many occasions when a dog is brought into a person’s life. For example, there’s the boy whose brain injury started to improve dramatically with the help of a therapy dog. Dogs are even brought into nursing homes to help… Read More »