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10+ US Presidents When They Were Young

Most of us probably have a very vivid picture of how a US president looks. However, before men become the most powerful people in the free world, they are regular guys just like us. For example, Harry S. Truman was a timekeeper in the railway, while Andrew Johnson was a tailor. To illustrate that one… Read More »


The bizarre and the uncanny can bring both fascination and dread for it defies everything we have been taught during our lifetime with it’s chaotic natures giving birth to a more improbable world. Every once in a while someone films or takes a photo of something so strange it’s hard to find any meaning or… Read More »

Fake Homeless Man Caught With Big House

Many of us want to lend a helping hand when we see someone on the streets in dire straits, but one YouTuber discovered that things aren’t always what they seem. After getting tipped off that a homeless man wasn’t actually homeless, Jack Vale decided to do some investigating of his own. YouTube / Vale Family… Read More »

This Is What Happens If You Drop Toothpaste Into A Hot Pan

The Internet has become such a trove of miscellaneous videos that there isn’t much you can’t find footage of nowadays. With all of the bizarre experiments YouTubers upload, any odd “what if?” that ever pops into your head is simply a search and a click away! Sponsored by Revcontent Amazing: This Woman Cured Her Toe… Read More »