Man Who Runs With the Wolves

German photographer explains in his own words how he learned to take good photographs of his favorite subject, the wolves. “The most important thing to me are happily combined subjects. For example, my love for animals has led me to become a photographer, but the combination of animals and the camera is a challenge for… Read More »

Choo Choo! All aboard the Avalanche express!

Rhinecliff, N.Y., Amtrak station, just north of New York City on the Hudson, on Wednesday. Rhinecliff saw almost 2 feet of snow from this week’s storm and had all of it still and more on the tracks including whatever drifting happened. The video shows that the force of the snow pummels people to the ground.… Read More »

Mix Bananas, Honey and Water: Cough and Bronchitis Will Disappear

It’s always hit and miss it seems, as some things may bring some relief, while others don’t seem to be effective at all. There’s actually a natural remedy which works very well for soothing the throat and lungs, while curing coughing and bronchitis. It’s effective, and works fairly quickly. It’s all about the properties that… Read More »

Iconic California Tunnel Tree Topples During Powerful Storm

The Pioneer Cabin tree, a large and ancient sequoia located in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California that was tunneled through in the 1880s, has been destroyed by severe winter conditions. The age of the tree is unknown, but officials estimate that it’s at least a few hundreds of years old. Hundreds of people fled… Read More »

Bald Eagles Keep Dying And No One’s Talking About It

A motionless bald eagle was found last month. He couldn’t even hold his head up. The bird had lead poisoning, and he was slowly dying. In Oregon, Lynn Tompkins, the executive director of Blue Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, said this is not uncommon in bald eagles. Image Credit: Blue Mountain Wildlife The lead… Read More »