Shelter Dog Is So Depressed She Won’t Even Move. But Watch When This Stranger Approaches Her…

By | March 13, 2017

Depression is a serious problem that is often overlooked in both humans and animals. That is an intense, sometimes chronic feeling of sadness that neither of them can control.

It is also a sign of enhanced intelligence. Psychologists have proven that only very intelligent animals can suffer from depression.

Nala is a beautiful Pit Bull who was rescued from the streets of New Zealand. Upon being brought to the shelter she was so depressed that she refused to move.
The owner of the shelter tried everything to improve her mood or coax her into getting out of the corner but it was all in vain.  Until, that is, her son arrived!

When Nala saw the little boy she immediately jumped up and started wagging her tail!

We often see this with dogs and little children. They just seem to connect on an instinctive, primordial level. It really is something special!

Nala is loving every moment spent with Zach and her separation distress is getting better and better! Look at her now!